Features Kerbs & Edges

Getting the design right is essential for you to achieve a driveway or garden you can be proud of, and egdes can be the finishing touch to your landscaping project.   For us it is all in the preparation, understanding what you would like to achieve and how you want to use the space… to show you how to get the finish you desire.

Norfolk Paving and Landscaping have years of experience in building everything from small city gardens to larger suburban areas. Our landscape contractors have experience of working with complex split levels, multi materials and difficult access areas.

We offer a large variety of services from Design and Build, Hard Landscaping, Drainage & Irrigation Systems through to Garden Lighting.

Our experienced specialist will provide landscape ideas for your outside space, using the latest techniques and materials. The result will give you a fantastic space to relax, entertain in and enjoy.

Kerbs & Edging

Kerbs and edging will really complete your patio or driveway by giving it a finished and permanent edge.

Pattern ideas

We can lay your patios or driveways using the classic pattern forms (see below) or something totally bespoke. Patterns and inlays can create flow and focus or features to your hard surface.


Walling and retaining walls gives your patio, paving or driveway formal raised structures. Therefore enhancing the overall look, whilst managing the gradient of the land we are working with. Steps and walls give us focus and points to direct you through your new space.


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